Deep Dark Chocolate Ice Cream - It's Intense

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My plan for Saturday was simple. Sleep in. Wake up and make an easy ice cream. Eat it.

But instead, before I had a chance to change out of my pajamas, actually, before I had a chance to sleep in, I was told our friend was coming over. As soon as he entered, the husband began lobbying against my simple ice cream recipe. You see, we received an ice cream machine for Christmas, and haven't used it yet. For my first ice cream, I wanted to make an easy recipe which required minimal effort. Something quick.

But, with two against one, I was out-voted, and so we all embarked on making the Deep Dark Chocolate Ice Cream recipe. The one that took us about 4 hours, because of all the waiting and chilling involved. The ice cream that came about in the end was so intensely rich, it tasted like a cold chocolate bar, and no one was able to eat more than a couple of spoonfuls.

Last night, I tried to eat the ice cream again. And it was delicious, there's no doubt that the flavors are there, but again, I couldn't consume more than two tablespoons. It made me sad, as I enjoy eating ice cream by the pound.

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  1. looks so super tasty... and what great pictures!