In My Defense: Target Box Wine, The True Story

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Dear Beloved Readers,
I've toyed with the idea of having the occasional guest blogger for some time. But neither a worthy topic nor a worthy "guest" had come along. That is until now. Until a gchat arguement about box wine warranted a wider audience. So, I asked my friend to defend her box wine love in post form for you all to enjoy. And despite her general lack of follow-through, she got right to it. As I mentioned above, this is a worthy cause that needs immediate attention!


For my first guest contribution to KK's Housewife Fantasies blog, I thought I would start by noting that my own housewife fantasy resembles this:
Now as some of you may know, I am a single lady. I would like to think that I fall somewhere in between Cathy of the same named comic stip and Carrie Bradshaw. Somewhere in there. And as a single lady, I tend to use a lot of tupperware to hold leftovers or throw away food that goes bad because I end up eating out or making a sandwich. But when I do make myself a fab meal (likely a recipe from this fine blog) I constantly find myself swallowing down a glass of wine with dinner that tasted like it had seen better days -- probably before it had spent a month in my fridge. How can a single lady have a nice glass of wine at her party of one dinner and not feel obligated to drink the entire bottle and feel like a wino?

Enter the best thing ever: Target. Box. Wine.

This is not your mother's box wine. This wine is not bad. This wine is even kind of okay. This wine is definitely worth $16 for the equivalent of 4 bottles. With the largest cube coming in at about a foot by a foot, it fits nicely in the fridge (around tupperware) and comes in a number of varietals, red and white. There is also a smaller 2-bottle box and individual serving 4-packs (no glasses needed, and therefore no glasses to wash!)

And even if you are not a stylish single lady dining solo, the boxes are great for picnics, Hollywood Bowl outings, swimming holes that don't allow glass, and rowdy parties where drunk girls might drop things. Like wine glasses.


  1. okay but target box wine is too expensive. when its on sale franzia is 10 bucks at ralphs.

  2. i <3 guest blogger's housewife fantasy. yes, for peggy bundy! i love her honesty and love for the simple and disposable things. i will look at box wine in a different way from now on.

  3. Target box wine had a strong showing at last year's LA County Fair. It was even being poured for a wine tasting alongside bottle wine.

  4. 2 buck chuck takes up less room and costs less. Who wants to carry a box to the Hollywood Bowl?

  5. that's if you consider charles shaw wine. i for one, don't.