Snapper and Soba Noodles

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Vacations are great. But, it's really nice to be home. I like sleeping in my own bed. I like shopping for food, and not having to buy bottled water everyday. Sometimes, I even miss driving. I'm sorting through our New York City and Pittsburgh food adventures, so more posts on those later.

For our first meal home, I went for the quick and simple. I picked up snapper and vegetables from Henry's Market after work, and got to chopping. The husband took care of the marinade for the fish. I think he put every ingredient in our pantry into it. Every time I would turn around, he'd be adding something strange, so I stopped turning around. But, in the end, the fish was tasty, so I couldn't really say anything.

I used napa cabbage, and bell peppers with my soba noodles, adding ginger, scallions, soy and hoison sauce. Nothing fancy, but very satisfying. I had plenty of noodles left over for lunch, and they tasted even better the following day.

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