Swiss Chard with Bacon

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This recipe is so easy to make, you'd be a fool not to try it. Besides, it got the husband to admit he likes chard. Oh, the magic of bacon.
Saute the bacon first, until it's nice and crispy. Then add the chopped chard stems, and lots of sliced garlic. Cook for about five or so minutes, and add the chard leaves. Pour about a tablespoon or so of balsamic vinegar, cover and cook, stirring occasionally until chard has wilted (but not to much, you don't want it overcooked). If needed, add a little bit of water for additional moisture; most of the time, you won't need it. Uncover and make sure the liquid evaporates. And that's it.  
This made for a great side dish, and a delicous breakfast the next morning.

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