Cobb-izo Salad

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Dear Readers,
If you're looking at the photos above and thinking, hmm, these are not the usual pictures found here. Well, then you are very observant. You see, this guest blogger, hasn't gotten the hang of taking photos yet. So, I had to pull some images off the web. And when I suggested to her that she keep her camera handy for future posts, her reply was,"I'll guest blogger your face".

Despite the lack of nice photos, I do hope you enjoy her latest post. I personally cannot vouch for this salad, but I can't imagine anything with chorizo and feta not tasting good. I was also entertained by the number of times she used the word "dumped" in the second to last paragraph. Appetizing.


My confession: I am a cheapskate. It's not about being frugal, because I will way overspend on crap at Old Navy or Target or more dangerously Nordstrom Rack. But when I am posed with the option of buying face soap I will, nine times out of ten, always buy the generic brand even if I love the name brand version. I know that doesn't sound bad. But, my cheapskatedness does not always work logically. It only sees bargains in the short term. Costco, buy three get one free deals, spend $80 and get $20 off -- those things don't work for me. Even if they are things that I use all the time like beans, deodorant, or coffee.

Newest manifestation of said cheapskatedness: use all the food I buy. This probably doesn't sound bad either. But it means that I am eating cheese sandwiches and capers and every other weird thing I felt compelled to buy at the grocery store one time or another. All my frozen pizzas are gone, as is all the cereal. And I'm commited to not buying more food until everything is gone (which, thank god, will be tomorrow).

So imagine my surprise, when I accidentally made something good with the monster of Frankenstein food items I had in the fridge. Enter the Cobb-izo Salad.

It happened a day last week when co-workers invited me to get barbecue for lunch. I came back to the office so full of delicious, greasy food that I declared to anyone on Gchat, who would listen, that I was going to have a salad for dinner.
But what did I have at home? I had spinach. A whole tub full. But what else? I had just eaten my last avocado last night and had no bacon, so unfortunately I couldn't make a cobb salad. Or couldn't I?

I got home and heated up a skillet, dumped a little linkful of chorizo in and cooked it up. Mmmmm. Into the sizzling chorizo I dumped a can of garbanzo beans and let those soak up the chorizo oil goodness. I also hardboiled an egg. As those cooked/boiled, I dumped nearly an entire container of pre-washed spinach onto a plate (to counteract the chorizo! smart!) and cut up some green onions. When the egg was done, I peeled and cut it, then dumped it on the spinach. Then I did the same with the chorizo and beans, and sprinkled feta over the top. (I also added just a teensy bit of asiago cheese dressing on this, but chorizo oil probably doesn't warrant needing much more.) And ta-dah! BAM! the Cobb-izo Salad was born. And consumed. It was really good. I would probably eat it instead of queso or cheeseburgers any night of the week.

But thankfully, I am going shopping tomorrow to replenish the frozen pizzas because thinking about cooking is hard.


  1. she dumped all over this salad! chorizo, garbanzo, and egg, oh my! awesome guest blogger, bring her back again and again:) wait, is this target box wine lady?

  2. it is the taget box wine lady. i just need her to start taking photos, and doing less dumping.

  3. Dumping = cooking. However, you'll notice that I sprinkled the feta.

  4. Target Box Wine Lady! Ha, that's your new name. Love, GRoach.