Crab Cakes Over Greens, with More Greens On the Side

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I love crab cakes. When the husband and I go out, and there's crab cakes on the menu, I aways want some for an appetizer. And he's always like, "I know you want some, but too bad, I don't." And he's all jerky about it. I'm not sure what he has against these delicious patties of the sea, but I sure don't appreciate him taking it out on me.

So when I make them at home, I refuse to share. You might think, that's jerky too. And you would be right. But how else is he going to learn?
Trader Joe's has surprisingly delicious Maryland-style frozen crab cakes. They go straight from your freezer to a hot saute pan, and are ready in 10 minutes. I like to eat my crab cakes over a bed of greens, and drizzle them with a shallot and mustard vinaigrette. This time, I also had nice-looking green beans from one of the husband's gardens. I blanched these, and topped them with the vinaigrette as well.

Having all that green on my plate made me feel a lot better about wolfing down two good-sized crab cakes, all by myself. I did share the green beans, since they were from his garden and all.


  1. I love the idea of crab cakes but I've never been fond of the taste.

  2. I love that you said patties of the sea. That's your new nickname for sure.

  3. helen, you need to give these TJs ones a try.