Fancy Chili Beans with Garden Vegetables

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I hope this post will prove to you I am not an exaggerator, and until two days ago, I was making myself some pretty creative meals, with one arm, and an almost empty fridge. Besides the beans (a pantry stable) and a small amount of sour cream I found on the bottom shelf of my fridge, everything else came from a garden. Or rather gardens.

Now you might think tomatoes, green onions and a green bell pepper are not the ideal toppings for beans. And you'd probably be right. But, this combo was super refreshing and light. But more importantly, it's all I had.

Luckily, two days ago, we went shopping. Next week there shall be more rounded meals.
I like to season my beans with paprika, cumin and oregano. And to make up for all the freshness, and lightness, I did enjoy these with greasy tortilla chips.

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