Flying Pig Adventures (Finally It Flew Close Enough for Us to Try)

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I am not a food truck person, simply because of laziness. I do not like to stand in lines, or stand while eating. And I especially don't like standing next to hipsters. I am pretty sure I'm allergic to American Apparel. But, a friend of ours is behind The Flying Pig Truck, so we have been curious to try it, we just refused to drive out of our way for it. Finally, the Flying Pig made it to Whittier. So we went.

Our chef friend has received acclaim for his creative menu (Food & Wine, Jonathan Gold), but lets face it, he's been probably waiting for my opinion. I was curious to try his creations, mostly because he's so frustrating to deal with when I ask for any type of recipe advice. I know he has all the fancy training, and can actually cook, but he offers zero direction. Our conversations go something like this:

Me: Hey, Mr. Chef. I want to try this recipe, what do you think I should do? Should I add this ingredient?

Mr. Chef: Hey, KK. Sure. Sounds good.

Me: Hmm, which part sounds good?

Mr. Chef: All of it.

Me: Thanks. How about switching these ingredients? Or trying this cooking method instead.

Mr. Chef: Yeah, that sounds good.

Me: Sigh.

Easy going people are so difficult!
I put all that aside last night as we pulled up in front of our old High School, where the cute pink truck was parked, and sighed in relief that there was no line, no hipsters. And there were plenty of stairs for us to sit at. This was worth the nine-month wait.

We ordered a variety of items. I of course left my camera at home thinking I would have my hands full of food, so these pictures were kindly provided to me. Here's what we tried in the order of most deliciousness: duck taco, crab balls, pork bun, spicy pork burrito, spicy pork taco, smoked chicken burrito.

I liked how well things were spiced, and how fresh tasting the duck taco was. It still had a rich flavor, but there was a nice lightness to it. If I was the type of person to use the word delightful, I would in this instance.

So my official opinion? I would drive up to 25 miles for this truck. I might even wait in a short line. But my hope is, since their food is so good, they will have more trucks, and this reduce my driving and waiting time.

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