One-Arm Spaghetti, with a Zucchini-Eggplant Sauce

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There are benefits and drawbacks to a broken elbow. Benefit 1: unlimited TV watching. What else could I do possibly do in a vicodin haze? Benefit 2: not doing dishes. And that's where the benefits end.

Drawback 1: not driving. Drawback 2: not driving while living with someone who insists we should only eat food grown in his gardens (squash and turnips) and avoid grocery shopping. Drawback 3: vicodin makes me hungry, and not for squash.

But what can you do with one functioning elbow? Suck it up and made do with an almost empty fridge.
My goal was to not to chop anything. But, the only fresh vegetable I had was a zucchini. So, after 10 minutes of working slowly, I had my zucchini in bite-size pieces, and sauteing in olive oil. Once they were nice and brown, I added a store-bought eggplant spread, dried Italian herbs and tomato sauce.
The sauce came together nicely, with the eggplant adding a deep flavor. I used a thin spaghetti and topped my plate with fresh mozzarella. This dish was so simple and satisfying, I might make it again with two functioning arms. 

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