Roasted Bell Peppers

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I'm not sure why red, yellow and orange bell peppers cost more than the green ones. But I hope there's a good reason. Because they are considerably more. So, I tend to use a lot of green peppers. When the rainbow ones go on sale, I stock up. This time, I decided to use these pretty peppers for a roasted bell pepper salad. My mom always makes this, and there's really nothing to it. That is, once you finally get your peppers charred.
I started the roasting in a pan. But. After 10 minutes of almost no results, put them directly over the burners. That considerably sped things up. But this is not a quick process, so sip some wine and be patient.
Once they were perfectly charred, I placed the peppers in a bag, sealed it, and waited for 10 minutes, for easier peeling. Note that I said easier, not easy. Because no matter what method I have used, it's never really easy to peel these, unlike on TV. They are simply messy.

Once peeled, I removed the seeds and sliced the peppers thinly, then coated them with olive oil. That's it. No seasoning, no nothing. Just the pure, sweet taste of the peppers. I like these on their own, or over salads, and pastas. Even the husband, who doesn't care for bell peppers ate them up, leaving me with a lot less than I had hoped.

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