Squash and Potato Hash

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Something unfortunate has happened. I have broken my right elbow. The good elbow. The useful one. As I sit here typing single-handed with my left, much less useful hand, typing very slowly, I have to warn you, this might be my last post for a while. That is, unless I can teach the husband to blog. As he teaches me patience through the process of caring for me (this is not an easy process for either one of us), I hope to teach him a few computer skills. Let's see how we do.

Well, this meal was left over from my two functioning-elbow days. I have several recipes still to be posted from those good ol' carefree days when I could wear pants, blow dry my own hair, and hold a knife.

With plenty of summer squash in the husband's many gardens, I've taken to making this simple, but not quick meal several times in the last month. It's tasty and goes well as a side with anything.
I used a mandolin to thinly slice the squash and potatoes (and garlic). Then in a large pan with olive oil, I started with browning the potatoes. Then, went in the squash and garlic, along with salt and pepper. After this you need to sit back and be patient as the vegetables caramelize. At some point you lower the heat and cover the pan to ensure everything cooks through. Remove the cover and let any liquid evaporate. After it is done, you will be surprised that your overspilling pan of vegetables has shrunk quiet a bit. The shrunken hash will be brown, crispy and delicious. Well worth the wait.

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