Homeless Housewife

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It finally happened. Our beloved condo has sold, and we have 28 days to clear out. After many months of keeping our place looking like a museum, in just two days it already looks like a messy storage unit. Today, I sadly packed my cook books.

As you can imagine, this moving deal has affecting my blogging. There has been a lack of cooking, snapping photos, and writing in my mind as I eat dinner. Because at this time, my mind is only thinking of packing, and buying a house. I've been so unfocused, I even let the husband make a list of important things to consider (below). Apparently we have different priorities, because buying a house is listed as the last item on his list, with a question mark.
Let me remind you readers of why we decided to move:
  1. The husband wanted a yard to grow our food. (I hope he can grow me some potato chips.)
  2. The husband wanted more light indoors. (Light is overrated.)
  3. The husband wanted to be able to pee in the back yard. (I prefer indoor plumbing.)
Now let me tell you who's not too concerned about packing or moving. The husband. Wish me luck.


  1. Dear KK,

    Please give me my Pot Luck cook book back.

    Thanks in advance and good luck with the condo.