Shanghai-Style Noodles with Shrimp and Vegetables

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I love noodles. The thick, chewy Shanghai noodles are my favorite at Chinese restaurants. I found these fresh noodles in the refrigerated section at a local Asian market. I wasn't convinced I could get the noodles to taste like those at the restaurant, but, I proved myself wrong.
Usually, I have these with pork and spinach. But I had neither at home. Instead I used my handy freezer shrimp, green beans and broccoli.
I sauteed the shrimp first with salt and pepper, and set them aside. At the same time, I cooked the noodles in boiling water for about five minutes, drained them and also set them aside. These fresh noodles cook quickly, so keep your eye on them.
While I had the shrimp and noodles going, I started my stir fry. Lots of garlic and ginger, and oyster sauce. The oyster sauce gives the dish a nice, gravy-like sauce. Its what makes home stir fry taste like restaurant stir fry. I also added soy sauce and hoison sauce. Then went in the vegetables, and some water. After the vegetables were cooked, but still crisp, I added the noddles, shrimp and a little more oyster sauce.

It hard for me to measure when I make stir fry. You kind of have to go with your instincts and add what is missing, making sure the sauce coats all your ingredients.

The husband and I were both surprised at how well this quick dish came together. The noodles were tasty, the vegetables crisp, and the sauce coated everything perfectly. One less reason for ordering take-out.


  1. Thanks! I will teach this dish to Alex so she can make it for you :)