Spaghetti with Ricotta and Arugula, topped with Roasted Peppers

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I saw this super simple recipe (minus the peppers) on an episode of Lidia's Italy, and it made me realize it's been a long time since I have used ricotta. I really like ricotta cheese, but it always slips my mind, and only reappears when it's time to make lasagna. But, after giving this dish a try, I am convinced I will be using the cheese a lot more often.

There's nothing to this dish. Ricotta. Pasta (I used a thick spaghetti). Arugula. Yet it is surprisingly rich tasting, in a very uncomplicated way.
I cooked the pasta. And a couple of minutes before it was done, I heated the ricotta in a large pan, with olive oil. When the pasta was ready, I transferred it to the pan, along with some pasta water, added the arugula, salt and lots of pepper, and tossed everything together. Because the previous night I had roasted bell peppers, I added a couple of them to my pasta. They added a nice texture and sweetness, but the dish was good simply on its own as well.

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