Summer Salad: Starring Heart of Palm, Artichockes, Tomatoes and Cucumbers

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Lettuce has just not been doing it for me lately. I've been enjoying other greens -- watercress, sprouts, arugula -- and leaving lettuce out of my salads. 

The green in this salad is basil. Lots of it. I've enjoyed using fresh herbs this summer, and this salad is a good example of a lettuce-free, substantial first course.
Summer Salad
There's really not much to do here except chop and toss. Well, wash, chop and toss. I'm listing the ingredients I used, but it's really up to you how much of each ingredient you want. I like lots of cheese and olives, but you might want more tomatoes. So adjust accordingly.

Cherry tomatoes
Heart of Palm
Black olives
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar (this is where you want the good stuff)
Salt and pepper


  1. wow, i actually have everything except for the mozzarella! gotta try it:)

  2. What is your favorite Balsamic vinegar and where do you purchase it? :)

  3. Mary, recently I purchased Gourmet Blends traditional balsamic at a booth at an event (http://gourmetblends.us/) and even through it's pricey, it was totally worth it. It's so rich you don't need to use a lot. They don't have a store, they do events and sell online. But, I've found that you can decent stuff at Cost Plus World Market and other specialty stores. As soon as you get over the $15 mark, you end up with much better quality.