Watercress Salad with Everything

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The husband has been on a sorbet kick lately. Playing with the ice cream machine, and neighborhood fruits. Using all my sugar. Making me taste this and that. But this post is not about his sorbets, it's about how his newest hobby ruined all my lettuce greens. Because along with his sorbet experimentation came the need to experiment with the fridge temperature. In order to cool his syrups faster, he's been cranking up the coldness level, and unfortunately, not bringing it back to normal.

He forgot.

So, the other day when I went to prepare myself a nice salad for lunch, I discovered all of my greens were frozen. Along with berries, and other veggies. So I was naturally angry. The only unharmed green left unfrozen was the watercress. Good thing too, as I was getting ready to punish him by hiding the ice cream machine and eating all his sorbets. But the watercress saved him.

Typically, I would mix the cress with other salad greens, since it is fairly bitter, but I had no choice. Instead, I topped it with as many sweet things I could find. I used yellow tomatoes, butter beans, roasted peppers, radishes, mandarin oranges, and even toasted almond slivers. I also made a sweet-ish dressing with shallots, thyme, Dijon mustard, syrupy balsamic and olive oil. Recently, I've gotten in the habit of having shallots on-hand (I even bought some dried shallots, which are surprisingly decent), and have been only creating my own dressings. They're so easy to make, and taste so fresh compared to the store-bought bottles. I try to make a little extra to use throughout the week.
Despite the super cold temperature of the fridge, this delicious salad warmed my stomach, and I forgot all plans to hide the ice cream maker. This proved to be a good decision, since the sorbets have been improving, making a great after-dinner snack.

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