One Hot Breakfast Feast

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It's been hot in Southern California. Very hot. It seems we are being punished for our mild summer with horrible heat in the fall. I don't like it one bit. It makes me lazy. It makes me want to nap. And I did just that on Sunday. I napped for 3 hours, but only after getting up late and helping to make breakfast.

The husband and my brother-in-law had planned for sourdough pancakes (if you'd like the recipe, follow this). I had leeks left over and decided to make country-style potatoes. There was also bacon and eggs. The pictures tell the story. I tried to get a couple of action shots that morning, but my brother-in-law made fun of me and told me get out of the way, reminding me I had a food blog and not a combat blog.

Despite not getting all the shots I wanted and the heat, breakfast proved to be delicious, with everyone pitching in, everyone except our friend, who showed up five minutes before we sat down to eat, and took my second slice of bacon.

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