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Our friend, who moved away to Texas, has many shortcomings. I mean she willingly moved to Texas. But sometimes she comes through. In a big way. And you realize, ahh, this is why we are friends. When we bought our condo years ago and had no money to spend on art, she made art for us, painting mustard and lemonade ads grudgingly. On both of my wedding days, she stepped up and made sure things went smoothly (hence there were no car accidents or fights with the bitchy bridesmaids). But her most significant contribution to our friendship has been introducing me to My Taco in Highland Park.

My Taco serves slow cooked lamb in form of tacos, burritos, and my favorite, nachos. They of course have all kinds of other stuff too, but I go for the lamb. Its so tender, and tasty. And although it's not close to my house, it is close to my work. Last week I decided it was time for nachos in the park during lunch. I picked up a gigantic order of lamb nachos, an even bigger agua de fresa, salsas, and stopped at the very suspicious San Pasqual Park for a noon picnic.
Luckily it was just me, a squirrel, and fishy characters who parked, looked around and took off without getting out of their cars. Although I couldn't comfortably nap without looking over my shoulder, I was able to eat my lunch outdoors, with grass under my toes. 

We finished the rest of the nachos for dinner, thinking fondly of our friend, who foolishly moved away from this awesome restaurant. I, on the other hand, am wisely searching for houses within 10 miles of My Taco. Wish me luck.

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