Soba Leftovers

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As soon as we moved in with the in-laws, the husband took off. I'm not kidding. He went on a week-long camping trip with his friend. One where there was conveniently no cell phone reception. At first I thought I would miss him horribly, but it turned out I only missed him a bit. Our new room is fairly small, so it was nice not to have to share it with him and his clothes, books, tea cups and chapsticks. And I slept so well in the center of our bed. Ahh, the center.

Anyway, while he was gone we had some nice dinners. One night my mother-in-law made steaks and lobster tails. My contribution was soba noodles in peanut sauce. I made a lot of noodles, and only used about half. Then I forgot about them. Then I remembered and used the leftovers for a healthy vegetable stir fry that I took to work for lunch.

Here's why I love about soba noodles -- they are tasty, they cook quickly, they are great hot or cold, and they are cheap. With my noodles, I used bell peppers and green beans, lots of oyster sauce, some soy sauce, peanut oil, and that was pretty much it. For a little kick, I drizzled Sriracha sauce on top.


  1. Because this looks so much better than pesto pasta.

  2. you sound so bitter because your recipe didn't make it on here. maybe next time. but no promises.