Weekend Salads: One Fancy and One Humble

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Last weekend was all about salads. Why? Because I bought lots of romaine lettuce and was determined to use it. And also because I wasn't in the mood to do any real cooking. Salads take minutes to make, so that gave me more time for wine drinking, and HBO watching.
On Saturday, my brother-in-law and I were left home alone. It was a wonderfully quiet day. Very little noise, limited talking (I think we got by with under 200 words over a period of 10 hours), lots of reading, TV watching and snacking. For dinner, we had a bottle of wine, and a salad topped with scallops and crab cakes, with store-bought goddess dressing. I love scallops on my salads. They just look so pretty on top of the lettuce, and make any regular salad look fancy.
Then on Sunday, I made a quick salad of romaine lettuce with garden tomatoes and carrots. I warmed up a can of butter beans in olive oil, and added them to the mix. It was easy, delicious and filling. 

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