Smoked Fish Platter, plus a life update

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It seems like its been months since I've comfortably sat in my home and blogged from my very old desktop. And it's because it has been over two months! But, that's all over now. We're all moved in to our cute little Spanish home in Altadena. And I am now officially "living the dream" as my friend put it. She even told me to change my blog name. Because technically, I am now a housewife.

But before you offer up the congratulations, let me just say, I did not win the lottery, nor did I find a rich husband to take care of me. No, unfortunately, my new housewife status comes from being laid off. So, although I am now "living the dream", it is a poor dream, where I apply for unemployment. And in my actual housewife dream, I'm not spending my days looking for jobs. Instead I watch cable TV and drink cocktails. In an apron of course.
Well, for our first official meal at the new home, I did not cook. Mostly because I could not get into the kitchen due to all the boxes. Instead, we went to our local Super King market, and picked up smoked fish, lebni, sourdough bread and other condiments. We put together a nice platter, opened a bottle of champagne, and had ourselves a fancy dinner in front of our fireplace. Home sweet home.

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  1. Congrats on the new place!!

    I like you. I hope you like me. I hope we can make food sometimes.



    P.P.S. Who like food sometimes.