Stir Fry Noodles, Two Ways

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I love Shanghai-style noodles. They are so thick and silky, and absorb sauces really well. Recently, I made two stir frys with them. One with shrimp, scallops and bok choy (grown by the husband). The second, beef, broccoli and napa cabbage. Although both were tasty, the seafood noodles were the best. My beef was kind of tough.

Both dishes start with plenty of garlic and ginger. Then I use oyster (lots), soy (little) and hoisin (some) sauce. Sesame and peanut oil, and a few drops of chili oil. The noodles cook quickly (about 6 minutes or so) in boiling water, then I drain them and add them to my pan at the very end. Everything else is cooked according to size and hardness. I did steam my broccoli for a couple of minutes to cut down on its cooking time. And you want to make sure and not overcook your shrimp and scallops. No one likes rubbery seafood.

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  1. love noodles. a true noodle freak i am. thanks for inspiring my next meal!