Tom Yum Style Noodle-Shrimp Soup

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The day before Thanksgiving, I went shopping at the Asian market to pick up some last-minute items. I also ended up with a cart-full of other delicious goodies. I bought little mochies, onion pancakes, tom yum paste, chili oil, miso soup, and different types of fresh noodles. I love their selection of fresh noodles. Most of the time, the packaging is not in English, so it becomes a little game. What is this? What can I use it for? How long should I cook it?

This time, I played it safe and bought thin-wonton noodles you can throw into any soup, and the thicker Shanghai-style noodles used in stir-fry (to appear later).

I had no recipe here, just an idea. I wanted to use napa cabbage, sprouts, tofu and shrimp. I used the tom yum paste, ginger, chili oil and dried lemongrass to flavor my broth. After the broth came to a boil, I added the cabbage, then tofu, noodles, and finally the shrimp. In the very end went in the sprouts and chopped cilantro. It all took no more than 15 minutes.

The soup was light, spicy and fresh tasting. And it's so simple to make, I made it several times again that week, until all my noodles were gone. I love sitting down with a steaming bowl of noodles when it gets chilly.

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