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If you're wondering what's going on with the photos, they are of many different frittatas. Three to be exact. Because lately, we've been on a frittata kick. It all started with some delicious frittatas we had at Euro Pane in Pasadena. But after a couple of visits, we decided a frittata should not cost $7 a slice. The husband declared we can make this at home, cheaper, if not better. Months went by, I put out a couple of reminders, and we finally gave it a try. Since then, we've been eating frittatas regularly on weekends.

Now, typically when the husband comes to one of these realizations about doing something at home, he's wrong. But this time, he was not. These veggie/cheese/egg bakes are easy to make. They take some time, but usually you can use whatever is leftover in your fridge and be eating a delicious frittata in about 40 minutes. And you get a whole frittata for like $5-7, not just a slice!

I have not looked up any frittata recipes. I think the husband might have. I know what I like. I like potatoes. I like cheese. I can deal with eggs (that's why they are listed last above). But, I realize you can not have a frittata without eggs. So, I asked the husband how many eggs to use. He said 5-6. He also told me we must use some milk. That was his contribution.

For the first frittata, we had no milk. We added some sour cream instead. It worked. Tasted great. The last two, we used milk. Milk makes it lighter. I always start with the potatoes. Below you can also see I've also used leftover mashed potatoes. That worked well too. And sped things up, as they only had to be warmed up and browned instead of cooked through.

After the potatoes, I add whatever vegetables and meats we have around. We usually use blackforest ham, but have tried chorizo as well. You want to make sure your vegetables are cooked, this is where it's great to have leftovers or roast your vegetables in advance. I've used roasted bell peppers, asparagus and pasilla peppers. I've also used a variety of cheeses -- feta, queso fresco, swiss -- pretty much anything that melts will do.

Once you add the cheese, you can pour in the eggs and milk combo, which you should season well. At this point, you can get fancy and sprinkle some green onions or add tomatillo sauce. You cook everything together on the stovetop for a couple of minutes more, letting the eggs set. Then pop the pan under the broiler (low) for five or so minutes.
All of the frittatas have been tasty. But my favorite has been with the asparagus. Next, I want to try zucchini and eggplant.

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