Green Tea Sorbet and Cocktail

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The husband likes fancy teas. So does a friend of ours. She gets him fancy teas for presents. This past Christmas she got him a pearl green tea. It was pretty (see below). But liking fancy teas can become an expensive hobby. A few weeks ago, the husband asked to go shopping. This is odd. He usually tears up at the prospect of spending time in a store, particularly while there's light outside. But, his desire for good-quality, loose-leaf teas was too strong. We went shopping, in the middle of the afternoon. Even parked in a parking structure.

This time, it was me who got cranky. Music and tea shops bore me. I was getting restless. I was getting thirsty. At the tea shop, I bought myself a green tea lemonade. It was delicious. On the way back to our car, the husband said, "this would make a good sorbet." I agreed. But I knew if I waited for him to make it, it might be a while.

I didn't look up recipes. I just went for it. I steeped the fancy green tea. I made a simple syrup with lemon juice. Then everything went into the ice cream maker. I even added bits of tea leaves for effect. I used some vodka to keep the sorbet from freezing, but apparently I didn't use enough.

Out of the machine, the sorbet was perfect. It tasted like my green tea lemonade. But when it went into the freezer, and I tried it a few hours later, it was already too frozen. This makes a sorbet hard to eat. I thought to myself, why didn't you put in more booze? Why? Then, it occured to me, it's never too late to add more booze. I added some vodka, whipped out my handy immersion blender, and had myself a cold, slushee cocktail.

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