A Salad: With Pickled Onions and Roasted Peppers

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You can hardly call this a real post. But, I was asked to get something up. And here's something.

Having a job is really getting in the way of regular blogging. But no one is paying me money to blog, so work I must. I would have more time to photograph and write, but my awesome commute downtown is really taking up more time that I thought. I sit in traffic and practice my anger management by telling myself to breathe, to keep calm, to not yell. I listen to NPR and wonder why Michele Norris pronounces her name so weird. I wonder if Melissa Block would sound as sweet as she does if she had to sit in traffic everyday. And then 45 minutes later and I am finally almost at work. Almost.

So yeah, I've been behind on blogging. But, we are still cooking and eating. The above salad wasn't really "cooked", but I did want to post an entry that used my delicious pickled onions and roasted peppers. I liked the onions so much, I was sad I gifted the other two jars (which, I am still waiting to get back. So give them back friends!). For the dressing, I used the pickling juice and mixed it with olive oil. It was fresh and tasty.

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