The Sandwich Shop, plus another life update

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The days of leisure, morning sleep, all-day cooking and shopping at Marshalls while the rest of the world was at work are officially over. Starting my new job was bittersweet. My temporary housewife status lasted less than three months. I had prepared myself for at least six. It had occurred to me that in this economy, I might have a better chance of finding a rich husband rather than a new job. But, I guess it didn't work out that way.

I am convinced that my friends -- who did not appreciate the stories of my daily brunches, mid-afternoon workouts, and overall happiness -- with their jealousy and hatred, willed the world to send me a job. And so the world did. Thanks friends. I needed a routine anyway. And there's that monthly mortgage deal, too.

So, it only made sense that the week before I started work, I should practice my sandwich making. During my leisurely solo brunches, sandwiches did not often make an appearance. I preferred cheese, cold cuts, olives, soups, selecting foods that could be accompanied by a glass of wine or brunchy cocktail, without anyone raising an eyebrow.

But, work brunches are not very common, and sandwiches are practical. That week, preparing myself, I made several pita sandwiches (like the one above), with either a roasted bell pepper or eggplant spread, ham or turkey, lettuce (with a drizzle of dressing), and provolone. Simple and fresh.

Not as simple or fresh, are my grilled sandwiches. I like to use black forest ham, which I warm up first in a skillet, then Swiss cheese, and my roasted peppers (see previous post). Once the ham is warm, I assemble the sandwich like a standard grilled cheese. The peppers add a great flavor and texture, making a standard grilled sandwich special.
So far, I have eaten some delicious sandwiches at work. And there are other benefits to working as well. Tomorrow, I look forward to happy hour.

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