Smoked Herring and Potatoes with Roasted Vegetables

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Herring reminds me of the homeland (the big ol' USSR). As does smoked or dried fish in general. I remember my parents cutting open whole fish, often finding the caviar. I recall how with these fishes my parents would drink cold beer, which was unusual for them.

Even though I was the pickiest of eaters as a kid, I took to seafood right away. Especially salty fishes. And once in a while I will feel the desire to relive those days and buy a whole smoked fish at the Super King Market. This time I purchased a smoke herring. It comes whole, so there's a little bit of work to do, but it's worth it. I'm not into my fish coming in jars. I'd rather cut them up myself. Besides, you can get the whole fish for less than $5. Now that's deal.

With the fish, I decided to make some potatoes. Normally, I would boil some baby potatoes. But I used what I had, and decided to roast potatoes in a pan. I had lots of sliced onion left from a previous meal, so when I got home, I threw the onion with olive oil in a pan, and let them caramelize. While the onion cooked, I decided to roast my vegetables for the week. I had lots of bell peppers, some green beans and tons of carrots from the husband's garden. I drizzled the vegetables with olive oil, sprinkled them with salt and pepper and popped the trays into a 400 degree oven. When the vegetables were done, my potato dish was also coming together. I decided it might not be a bad idea to add color to my potatoes and added some vegetables to the pan. This made the potato dish prettier and more delicious.

During dinner, we polished off the whole fish, which was salty and fatty, and most of the potatoes. And for the rest of the night, my hands smelled fishy. But in a good way.

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  1. Smoked fish goes well with a variety of vegetables including carrots and green beans.