Swiss Chard and Sausage Pasta, with Garlic Chips

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This recipe came to me as I was poking around Smitten Kitchen. I knew I had lots of chard at home. Chard that needed to be used. Chard that I was too lazy to use because of all the washing  involved. Lots and lots of chard. But, it would have been sad to waste all that chard, so I decided to find a recipe that would involve the use of lots of chard, so I can get it out my fridge. This pasta dish shares only two things with the original -- garlic chips and Swiss chard. Because when I got home and peaked in my fridge, two things stood out, 1) hot pepper paste (used in previous post) and, 2) smoked Hungarian sausage. I decided to use the pepper paste as my base and made things up as I went.

I loved the garlic chips. They were crisp and delicious. The husband could have done without them. But, in the end we both agreed this was the tastiest pasta meal I've made in a while. The flavors came together nicely; the pepper paste gave the sauce body and the sausage a unique smoky taste.
Swiss Chard and Sausage Pasta, with Garlic Chips
Serves 4-6

Lots of chard, 3 or so bunches, washed, chopped, stems and leaves separated
1 lbs of pasta (I used a thick spaghetti)
1/2 can of olives, chopped
1 small-medium smoked Hungarian sausage link, sliced thin
1 head of garlic, sliced thin
4-5 tbsp pepper paste (adjika)
1 small can of tomato sauce
Parmesan cheese to taste
olive oil
salt and pepper

1) First I sauteed the garlic slices in a decent amount of olive oil, making sure they didn't brown too much. I removed the garlic and set it aside.
2) In the same olive oil, I sauteed the chard stems and sausage for about 5 minutes. Then, I added the pepper and tomato sauce, remainder of the chard, covered the pan and let everything steam for about 5 minutes. Toward the end, I threw in the olives and seasoning.
3) While all the above was happening, I had my water come to a boil and cooked the pasta. I then transferred the pasta to the pan saute pan, added cheese, stirred things up, added more cheese and plated. Onto each plate I sprinkled some garlic cloves. And a little more cheese.

We ate this dish for several days and it kept getting better and better. I now can't wait until the husband brings home more chard so I can make it again.

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