Soba Noodles and Red Cabbage, with Crab Cake

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Sometimes recipes just come to you. Sometimes you find something in the fridge you had forgotten about and are forced to use it. Sometimes it's both. I found a head of cabbage in the fridge. I said to myself, you better use this soon. Then, I envisioned combining the cabbage with the noodles. And toward the end, when I couldn't decide what to add to this dish to actually make it a meal (because vegetables and noodles don't make a dinner for us, non-vegetarians), I decided a crab cake on top would work well. I was right. A crab cake can fancy up any meal, and Trader Joe's frozen crab cakes are too convenient not to use. I always keep a couple in the freezer.

There's no real recipe here. I used a whole head of red cabbage. I sauteed it. For some time. Added garlic, ginger, soy sauce, hoison sauce, oyster sauce (basically all the sauces in my fridge). Once the cabbage was cooked through, but still crunchy, I added the cooked soba noodles, some green onions and sesame seeds. Then, the crab cake was placed on top, like a pretty decoration. Pretty delicious that is.

The dish was sweet and salty. The husband and I were both surpirsed at how well the flavors complimented each other. Although I acted like I knew all along.

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