Korean Condiment Bowls

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If you're lucky enough to live near a Korean market, well, you're lucky. We kind-of-used-to live near one in Monrovia. But no longer. It's a bit of a trek for us now, although when we go, we stock up. The brother-in-law took us to a great Korean market last weekend, after a visit to Happy Feet for a one-hour foot massage. After consuming dim sum for brunch, in honor of Mother's Day, a foot massage was the ideal way to help us digest.

The Korean market was next door and there, the husband and I, purchased our favorite condiments -- kim chi, pickled cucumbers, sprouts in sesame oil and spinach. It has been a while since our last kim chi attempt at home, and I have to say, this cabbage kim chi although tasty, lacked something. The husband thinks it's ginger.We agreed our kim chi was much more balanced.

We had no real dinner plans that evening, so I made a pot of white rice (yes, there's rice in these bowls, it's just hiding) and added our condiments on top of the rice. Simple. But so delicious. We felt so healthy eating all these vegetables. Although, I was dreaming of bulgogi, it was nice to eat a meat-free meal, after gorging on dumplings for brunch. As I mentioned earlier, it's all about balance people.

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