Classic Pasta Bolognese

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We eat a lot of pasta, with all kinds of sauces, with vegetables, with goat cheese, with bacon, with pesto. You get the picture, we like our pasta. So when I was craving the rich, meaty, silky pasta bolognese, I got on the blog to find the recipe, recalling I had posted it on here, and couldn't believe that it's been over a year since I last made it. That's a long time. But this blog doesn't lie. Although I don't document every meal, I racked my brain and had to admit to myself, that over a year had gone by since I made this version of this sauce at home.

The time had come to make it again. I made a large batch. Freezing half of the sauce, without the cream, for later use. And since I made this dish a month ago, we've already consumed the leftover sauce. Because this recipe is just too good to wait a whole year to eat.

The complete recipe can be found at my previous post here. Except this time, we used Parmesan cheese as a topping.

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