Preserved Lemons

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I have always liked the idea of preserved lemons, they look so cheery sitting in jars on the counter top. I wanted some cheer. Although the husband and I planted a Meyer lemon tree in our yard this Spring, it won't be producing lemons anytime soon. So I was happy to discover one of the husband's satellite gardens already has a mature Meyer tree, from which I harvested a basket-full of fruit.

From Keller's handy Ad Hoc at Home book, which has an interesting pickling/preserving section, I followed a simple recipe for preserved lemons. As you can see below, this recipe calls for a lot of salt. The recipe says to store the jars for at least 1 month, up to 6. Refrigerate after opening, and use within 1 month after opening.

I made a couple of extra jars as gifts, which will go to the owner of the lemon tree, and our friend, who recently gave us a jar of amazing strawberry preserves.

I am looking forward to using my lemons with a roast chicken, in salad dressings and couscous dishes. Only three more weeks to go. In the meanwhile, these jars are adding a lot of cheer to the kitchen.

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