Quick Weeknight Meal: Wedge Salad, Russian Hot Dogs, with Red Slaw

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On this particular night we had a dinner of two salads. Starting off with a wedge of iceberg with Trader Joe's Goddess dressing (the only store-bought dressing we will eat these days) and crumbled Gorgonzola. I had forgotten how deliciously simple a wedge of iceberg with blue cheese can be. This was a nice reminder. We decided to not forget so easily again, and serve this salad more often. Next time it will be topped with bacon.

For the main course we had salad number two, red cabbage slaw, which has been featured on here numerous times, and Russian hot dogs. Now you might be asking yourself what makes these links so Russian? I'm not really sure, except that the package says so, and I bought them at the Armenian deli. They don't really taste like regular American hot dogs, and they are small and cute. I boiled them first, them sauteed the links in olive oil with paprika and cumin. These are really meaty, so three per person was plenty.

The cabbage slaw I made the night before, letting it marinade and absorb all the flavors. So the night of, the dinner came together quickly, giving me more time to not watch TV.

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