1-2-3 Margarita

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My friend, and past coworker, makes great margaritas. I always assumed since he was from Mexico, he had secret knowledge or an ingredient that made his margaritas so good. Well, it turns out, the secret is Limeade, from Ralphs. His recipe is so simple, yet so delicious, that after a couple of sips, you don't care what's in it. You forget about everything, smile, and enjoy yourself. Que es esto Ralphs?
I like to make fancy cubes, by adding berries or lemon to my ice cube trays.
1-2-3 Margarita
Makes a healthy pitcher

1 can of Limeade Concentrate
Using the same can
2 cans of gold tequila
3 cans of water
Couple of splashes of triple sec
lime/lemon for garnish
kosher salt

1) Combine the first 4 ingredients, and stir.
2) Salt the rim of your glass. Add ice, garnish and pour yourself some margarita!

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  1. Si Siñor!!! Mucho bueno Margaritas!!! Ajuaaaaaa!!!