Chicken and Pasta with Basil Pesto

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This pesto recipe almost didn't make it on here, because the it almost made it into the trash. It all started well. I gathered beautiful basil leaves from our garden, toasted pine nuts, grated my Parmesan. Then, instead of pulling out the cumbersome, hand-me-down food processor we have, I got my handy, awesome blender.

Unfortunately, the blender did not want to make pesto. No matter how much olive oil I used to get it going, it just wasn't cooperating. But the husband thought he had the answer. And although I gave him disapproving looks, and sighs, I really should have verbalized what a bad idea his plan really was. This was my failure and I take the blame. But the rest is entirely his fault. His idea? Use a wooden spoon to push down on the basil, until the blades take over. One push, a horrific wood chopper sound, and a good chunk of my spoon was gone.

Oops, he says. I fish out the wooden part, and realize this pesto is not going to be used for dinner tomorrow; we have company. We must eat this pesto ourselves and hopefully not die from ingesting wooden splinters.

As it turned out, the pesto didn't kill us. It actually made for a delicious pasta dish. The consistency would have been better had I used a food processor, but oh well, summer is still ahead of us. I ended up topping the pasta with sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella, which added a nice fresh sweetness. And we had the pasta with grilled chicken, marinated in mustard, thyme and olive oil. This simple marinade kept the chicken moist, and added a lot of flavor. So all in all, a good weeknight meal, despite the husband's bad judgment (head shake).

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