Pickles: Green Beans and Cucumbers

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I've been pickling on a fairly regular basis the last six months, playing with variations of this recipe, I discovered last summer. I can't say all my jars have been great, but my pickles have consistently improved. Since we currently have an abundance of green beans in our garden and the husband's other gardens, this time, I focused on pole beans, and added a couple of cucumbers.

Same premise as the previous recipe, lots of dill and garlic, some coriander and pepper corns, vinegar, salt and water. I omitted the spicy peppers. They are ready to go in a couple of days. My cucumbers have been incredibly crunchy, not sure if it's the quality of the cucumbers or just the process, but there's nothing like biting into a crisp, crunchy cucumber before a meal. The beans make a great snack, and are delicious with cocktails. I imagine they'd make a great garnish for a Bloody Mary. I will report back.

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