Linguine with Green Beans and Goat Cheese

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When it comes to cooking for myself, I first think pasta, then I think goat cheese. Because sometimes you want a nice, fancy-looking dish that requires no effort. This is it. I've blogged about goat cheese sauces before, and, I'm still a big fan. Goat cheese adds lots of flavor, creaminess, richness, and involves no cooking. Just add your steaming hot pasta, and pasta water to a bowl of cheese, and you're done. Almost. You do have to mix it all up really well. But once the mixing is done, so is your dish.

For this "recipe", which is hardly a recipe, I used herb-coated goat cheese, and french green beans, which I steamed. If I had used plain goat cheese, I probably would have added an herb, like tarragon, for a kick. It took me about 20 minutes, from start to finish, which left me with plenty of time to enjoy my solitude and wine. Now, I don't often drink alone, unless I'm alone, and in that case I do.
Waiting in my bowl, for the pasta, I had the cheese, steamed green beans, salt and pepper. The tender beans added a nice crispness to this dish.


  1. You sound like me in this post.

  2. lazy?? it's 'cause i miss you so much. i'm picking up your characteristics.