Side Salad for Take-Out Pizza

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Sometimes, I get tired and don't want to cook. And this usually happens over the weekend. I tend to cook on most weeknights no matter how much I don't want to, as it helps me relax and forget the day. Then the weekend comes around, and here's my chance to make something extravagant, but I just end up hanging around the house, doing house stuff, and being kitchen lazy. That often means going out. Less often that means ordering pizza.

Last time this happened, I decided to be a little less lazy, and made a salad to go along with the pizza. Nothing too fancy, I just used what I found in the fridge and pantry -- romaine, feta, radishes, tomatoes, chick peas and roasted peppers.Pretty fast, and pretty good. Having a fresh, homemade salad made me feel better about ordering out on a weekend, and having three slices of pizza.

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