Squid and Potatoes, Croatian-Style

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The last time I blogged about this dish, my brother-in-law made it. And that was over a year ago. I knew it was time to give it a try myself when I found packets of already cleaned squid at the Asian market, for a steal.

Now, I've never been to Croatia and don't know much about its cuisine. But my in-laws have, and apparently, calamari is used in a lot of dishes. I attempted to do some "research" for this post, but I am still recovering from brunch, and my Google results directed me to pages of arguments about how authentic or good this meal really is. And today, conflict does not sound appealing, so I abandoned my "research" and will just tell you what I think. I can't speak to the authenticity factor, but this is one tasty meal. The potatoes make it very comforting, oh potatoes, why are you so delicious? It tastes fresh due to the parsley and garlic. And, even if you're not a fan of squid, its texture here is tender and buttery, you almost don't realize that you're eating an oceanic tube monster.

I did cheat here with buying the pre-cleaned calamari. This meant, I didn't get that pink look, because there was no ink. But, that really didn't impact the taste. I made a few changes to the recipe my brother-in-law posted a year ago. I cut my calamari tubes, just for the hell of it. I also cooked the garlic a few minutes, instead of just adding it in raw at the very end. The husband and I polished our plates until they sparkled, so sadly, there were no leftovers. But, I have another packet of squid in the freezer, so I won't be waiting a whole year before making this meal again. This time, I think I will add some white wine as well.

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