Sunday Ladies Brunch

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Brunch is always fun. You eat. You drink. You nap (hopefully after the guests are gone).

A couple of weeks ago, while the husband was enjoying his vacation away from me, I had a few of the office ladies over. We had two great champagne cocktails that afternoon -- champagne with blood orange soda, and champagne with lavender simple syrup. That second combination is especially dangerous, because it tastes like candy! And even though I'm not big on candy, I was hooked after the first sip.
There was giant triangles of cheese and spinach boreg.
We had salami, and cheeses. Not featured here, but surely a highlight of the meal, cream cheese with pepper jam. Who knew that combination worked so well?
French potato salad.
Smoked salmon pizza on lavash.
Melon and mint, another winning combination. There was also berries in sugar.
And champagne cocktails! With 4 bottles between the 5 of us, we got straight to work.

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