Tuna Salad Tapas

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After our tapas date night, we wanted more tapas. I really couldn't get the grilled baguette, brushed with olive oil out of my head. This time, I decided on a completely different topping. Tuna salad. It's so quick to make, I felt like I hardly cooked that evening. Also, I was kind of craving it. I guess the day finally came. Tuna salad won me over.

To my tuna salad basics -- tuna, celery, sour cream, mayo, salt and pepper -- I also added Tapatio, spicy brown mustard, roasted bell peppers and paprika. The paprika and Tapatio gave the salad a Spanishy taste. The husband really liked this version. And spread over the grilled bread, it was pretty amazing. 

Along with our tapas, we had a colorful summer salad of tomatoes from the garden, artichokes, heart of palm, and basil, drizzled with a balsamic syrup. Light and refreshing. This meal came together in under 30 minutes, so I'll be recreating it soon, on another evening when I want to eat something delicious without turning on the oven, or picking up take-out. It's a perfect lazy weekday meal.

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