Bottom Round Steak Two Ways, plus Grilled Corn

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We don't eat a lot of red meat at home. It's probably because when we visit my parents, we consume enough to for the whole year. My dad doesn't know what a 4oz piece of meat is. And if he saw it, he'd laugh. But last week, I had a craving. I wanted something steaky, but light and summery. We stopped at Whole Foods, and bought cheap cuts of bottom round steak.

I marinaded the meat with lime, onions, white and green, paprika, cumin, fresh garlic and plenty of salt and pepper. My intention was to grill, but last minute, I decided to grill half of the meat and saute the rest in the husband's new cast iron pan, dubbed the "dirty pan" since he won't let me near it, and insists on "cleaning it" himself. I knew that the grilling would add a nice flavor, but, I'd lose all those great marinading juices and onions. So this seemed like a nice compromise. A few days prior I had roasted bell peppers, and added these to my pan with the onions, for additional flavor and color.

Having cooked with the onions and peppers, the meat in the pan proved to be more tender. The grilled meat was a bit dry. We ended up saving the grilled meat for leftover tacos the following evening (coming up next), where I infused the juices back into the steaks.

Along with our steak, we had delicious Mexican-style grilled corn, dressed with mayo, lime and chili powder, a perfect summer side dish. And there was grilled garden zucchini. A pretty simple and satisfying weeknight meal.

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