Grilled Zucchini Soup - Take 2

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The key word here is grilled. My first attempt at zucchini soup was good, but not fantastic. Right away, I knew "Take 1" could be improved immediately with a mirepoix base. Now an interesting tid bit for you all, I can't pronounce many a word, and mirepoix is one of them. Therefore, I call the onion, carrot and celery mix Jamiroquai. Saying it makes me smile.

So back to this soup. I was thinking to myself, how do I elevate this soup to the next level? How? Then it came to me, grill the zucchini. It's my favorite way to eat the vegetable, so I decided to go for it. Great idea. Really. Grilling the squash added nice flavors, raising the soup quality from mediocre to fancy restaurant soup.

I did add a splash of curry powder to the OG recipe, left out most of the fresh herbs, except for the thyme, and forgot all about the lemon juice. All these alterations made for a smokier and tastier soup, with a richer flavor and texture. "Take 2" you win!

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