Lemony Grilled Chicken

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I'm making progress slowly with my preserved lemon jar. But, don't fear, it's holding up pretty well. With enough oil and salt to submerge the lemons, I'm not so frightened about them spoiling. Besides, hardly anyone dies of botulism anymore. Believe me, I looked it up. And in a few rare cases, it's mostly the older folks. Another drawback to aging. 

So here we have a whole grilled chicken, marinaded with a whole preserved lemon, and a mix of spices I had leftover from the dry rub I used for couch day pork. To the leftover spices, I added turmeric and cumin, rubbed my chicken down,  and popped it in the fridge for a couple of hours. 

After spending some quality time on the grill, the chicken was mighty tasty. Very tender and succulent, with hints of lemon and spice. I haven't had a grilled chicken this good for quiet some time. I didn't even regret paying double for it at Whole Foods because they let it roam around.

There were side dishes -- black beans with salsa and wild rice -- but the chicken was the true star here, along with the preserved lemons of course.

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