Brunch for One: Spicy Bloody Mary & Potatoes with Scallops

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Starting in late August, I worked too many weekends. The house got messy, the fridge empty, I was popping Excedrin like candy. It was not fun. Then, it all came to an end, and I had a glorious Monday to recover. Although I couldn't really make up for the three lost Saturdays and get all the postponed projects completed, I did accomplish two important tasks -- 1) I organized all my bills and financial papers from the last year, and 2) I made myself an amazing brunch.  I guess I could have squeezed in a couple of more tasks, but had orders to rest from the boss, so I rested. You don't argue with rest orders.

I started my late-morning with a Bloody Mary. I've found a mix I really, it's spicy and fresh. All I had to do was add ice, vodka, celery and celery seeds. First course, done!

For the main course, I had to run to the market for potatoes and bell peppers. I decided to throw together a hash, with onions and garlic. I was going to keep it simple, but thought better, this was my day off after all, and found scallops in the freezer to fancy up my brunch. Drizzled with dill mustard, it was the perfect solo meal to be had on the couch, while I looked out at our mountain view. We're lucky to have such an impressive view, especially since the TV situation is lacking. I will often be more entertained by the birds and bees buzzing in the front yard, than the sad three channels we receive.

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