Easy Lunches, or Even Easier Dinners

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When I'm cooking for myself, I usually like to go all out. I don't mind spending an hour or more in the kitchen, sipping on wine, chopping slowly, and taking my sweet time with everything. Unless, I am hungry. In that case, I still want something delicious, but fast, and I don't eat cereal, like my many friends, who apparently often have a bowl for dinner quiet regularly. I won't judge them here. But I do in private.

When I'm too hungry to wait, I usually like to make myself a hearty sandwich or a fancy salad. Taking an extra five minutes with either can turn your mid-day meal or evening dinner into an enjoyable and delicious experience.
To elevate my sandwiches to the next level, I use roasted middle eastern spreads such as pepper or eggplant. I like real cheese -- Munster, Swiss or Provolone -- and pepper turkey or black forest ham. And I always like to have something extra like avocado, radishes or sprouts. 
When I make myself a salad, I almost always start with my own dressing, above I have mustard, champagne vinegar, olive oil, shallots and seasoning. As for my greens and toppings, I'm not picky. I usually like to use what we have growing and supplement with pantry items like olives or artichokes. I like crispy and creamy textures. And of course to really dress up a salad, add a crab cake or a couple of seared scallops and you're all set.

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