The French Martini, A Drink for Grown Ups

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As an adolescent, I was really into martinis. Probably because of my major crush on James Bond. But then I turned 21, and the glory of the martini faded. I moved on to the dark side -- brandy, cognac and bourbon. But several years ago, I tried a French martini at a (yes, wait for it) French restaurant and fell in love. Unlike my underage days of appletinis, this version was so grown up and velvity, but without the harshness of the classic martini or the artificial sweetness of girly-flavored versions. The balanced nature of the French martini won me over, and I let this drink back into my life, with open arms.

A a few months ago, I invested in my own bottle of Chambord, and last week, I put my cocktail recipe book (an anniversary gift from the husband) to use. My first homemade French martini was delicious, well-balanced and left me wanting another drink, always a good sign. The only problem? I didn't have martini glasses and used my plain ol' tumblers, and the whole thing looked a bit ridiculous. And by a bit, I mean a lot. 

I was on a new mission -- find martini glasses, fast. Luckily, that's a simple task, and I accomplished it in record time. Two short days later, I was sipping a French martini out of a proper glass, with Mr. Bond back on my mind. 

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