Garden Transition to Fall

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If you can't already tell, I love autumn. It's my favorite season, and this works well for me, since we don't really have much of a winter in Southern California, and I can enjoy crispy cold weather, and warm cardigans through February. I have been preparing for fall eagerly, indoors that is, reading up on soup recipes, buying candles and placing throws on couches. And the husband has been preparing our garden.

He has started growing seedlings in tiny containers of cold season greens such as broccoli, chard, watercress and a variety of lettuces. I participated in the selection process of what we want to grow, helped to plant, and got out of the way. The care and maintenance is is not my forte. But taking pictures, now that's something I enjoy, so here's a visual update on the husband's hard work.
The last of the tomatoes.
French tarragon. It looked like it was on the verge of death for a good 6 months, but it's back!
Vietnamese basil. Another plant that looked like it would need hospice services, but it sprung back.
Lemongrass and lemon balm jungle.
The cute little seedling nursery.
Lettuce garden.

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