The Last-Minute Salad with Tarragon Dressing

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Sometimes you make a salad because you want to, and sometimes it's all you've got. This salad happened to be the later. For my fresh ingredients, I had plenty of romaine lettuce, a couple of tomatoes from our garden (the very last ones) and an avocado. The chickpeas and scallops were my pantry and freezer backups, perfect for a meal such as this.

The dressing was really the star here. I used the tarragon from our garden, which has finally blossomed after adjusting to our soil (it only took 6 months!). To the chopped tarragon, I added dijon mustard, tarragon champagne vinegar, olive oil, shallots and salt and pepper. Simple, but fragrant and delicious, with hints of anise and fennel.

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